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Types of Lubbock Drain Cleaning

Kitchen Sink Drain Cleaning

Kitchen drains stop up more often than other drains in the house. They run slower and slower as greases, soaps, fats, and detergents build up on the inner walls of the pipes and eventually cause blockage. A Churchwell Plumbing service technician who specializes in Lubbock kitchen plumbing jobs will use a professional auger machine to cut through the clog and remove all debris.

Bathroom Sink Drain Cleaning

Bathroom sink drains may become clogged with hair, toothpaste, soap, and grime. A Churchwell Plumbing technician will remove the blockage and thoroughly clean the entire pipe to ensure your drain is working properly again.

Toilet Unclogging

Toilet drains can become submerged with toilet paper over time causing the toilet to clog. Churchwell Plumbing can solve the problem with a professional auger machine that feeds a spinning cable into the toilet drain. The cable has special spring-loaded blades on the tip that will cut through any obstruction while hugging the inside wall of the pipe and thoroughly cleaning it to restore full drainage and powerful flushes.

Shower Drain Cleaning

Shower and tub drains are usually clogged by hair and soap buildup in the trap and drainpipe. A Churchwell Plumbing technician will run a machine down the drain to remove all of the debris and ensure that the pipe is thoroughly cleaned and draining like new.

Floor Drain Cleaning

Floor Drains are common in restaurants, laundry rooms, and garages. These drains are equipped with a trap that should be kept filled with water to prevent sewer gas and odors from escaping. Test drains occasionally to make sure they aren’t clogged and are ready to carry away water and prevent flooding. Dirt and debris can clog floor drains but Churchwell Plumbing can open them quickly and restore good drainage.

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