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Gas leaks are caused by normal wear and tear with the fittings leaking in walls, underground, or below the structure. Gas leak detection is never something that you want to take lightly. A small leak can accumulate and cause an explosion. While this risk is relatively low, gas leak detection and gas leak emergency repairs are never something you should try to fix yourself; instead, call Churchwell Plumbing, the gas leak detection expert. No matter how subtle the gas leak is, our team of gas detection specialists will find it, so you can return to living or working in complete safety.

Signs Of A Gas Leak

  • Smell – You can most of the time smell natural gas, the odor is similar to sulfur or a rotten egg.

  • Sound – Hissing, whistling, or roaring sound near a gas appliance or pipeline.

  • Sight– Discolored or dead vegetation over or near the pipeline.

What to do if you notice these signs:

If you notice any of these above signs, get out of your house immediately and contact your natural gas service provider. They’ll send someone to your home to shut off the gas supply. This is very important; natural gas can ignite when it collects in a confined space. It only takes a small spark to create an explosion! Once your gas has been disconnected call Churchwell Plumbing, your qualified licensed plumbers, to examine and fix your gas leak.

Gas Leak Services In Lubbock

  • Gas Leak Testing – Churchwell Plumbing’s licensed technicians can test the entire gas system, yard and house. In many new homes, plumbers can take the gas line apart at the house and pressure test the home for gas leaks.

  • Gas Leak Detection – Churchwell Plumbing uses a variety of methods to detect gas leaks. Once a leak is detected, your plumber will recommend the optimal repair.

  • Gas Leak Repair – A city permit is required for repair work. Churchwell will manage all permitting for you. This process ensures your safety and that of your neighbors. After our work is complete, a Lubbock inspector and the gas company will check our work. It is important to note, that if a permit is required, Lubbock may require that the entire gas system be brought up to current code standards. Churchwell Plumbing can perform the necessary work to ensure your system meets these standards.

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